We’re invoice specialists. Using state of the art technology and relying on the best people.

Our services

As true invoice maniacs we provide a broad range of services where the invoice always lies at the heart.

  • The invoice alone will do just fine

    Allowing SME business owners to regain control over their company by unleashing potential cash flow from unpaid invoices. We service hundreds of satisfied customers; using our own funds. We rely on the invoice. No need for second tier sureties as personal guarantees of financial analyses. The invoice alone will do just fine. We provide our services in different countries throughout Europe.

    We are a reseller of the BarnStone technology. We provide SME Factoring services under our own brand name. BarnStone performs all the required cheques and balances. Allowing us to fully focus on acquiring new clients!

    Hans Stouten

    Finance & Insurance Corporate Finance B.V.

  • Providing our services on their clients

    Our philosophy of analysing invoices on an individual basis led to different practices. There is really nothing different in analysing an outgoing invoice in comparison to an incoming invoice. Consequently, we started to provide our services to (large) corporates seeking for supply chain finance solutions. We realised that our methodology suited the corporates better than the existing solutions as our systemized single invoice approach minimises errors/arrears.

    We have financed a factoring program with BarnStone allowing Dutch SME’s to get their invoices raised against Dutch (local) governments paid within 24 hours. Great effort to jointly ease the SME’s finance needs.

    Terrence Roep

    BNG Bank

  • Systemized single invoice approach

    The trust we put in our own competences supported by strong technology did not go unnoticed. Multiple financers approached us with requests of providing our services on their clients. We have chosen to join forces with a select number of them. Due to strong automation of the process we analyse high quantities of invoices on an individuality bases. Every invoice is checked against the requirements a partner desires.

    We have contracted BarnStone as service provider on one of our most recent transactions. Both the onboarding process and the continuous asset evaluation are up to our likings!

    Jeroen Conijn

    NIBC Bank N.V.

  • Collaboration makes us stronger

    Portfolio financers tend to have concentration limits set on specific debtor ratios. At times clients face a decrease in financing availability due to these concentration barriers. As we rely on the invoice only concentrations are no hurdle for us. Therefor a collaboration with portfolio financers benefits all. The client, the portfolio financer and us. With our Top up finance product, we provide our Dutch factoring services to clients of portfolio financers. These services can even be provided white labelled.

    As a portfolio financer we sometimes face concentration limits within our client base. Granting clients, the possibility of the Top up finance product feels good. Even when the client chooses not to use the product we have provided them with a solution. Ultimately this will benefit us in how the client perceives our own services!

    Ilse Nobel

    Alfa Commercial Finance

Our brands

Single invoice focus; multi brand strategy. Our services are stronger than just a brand name.

The first premium brand. Introducing factoring solution for underserviced SME business. Allowing us to put our money where our mouth is.

Cooperation with one of the largest business finance franchiser in the Netherlands. Allowing the independent brokers to originate and facilitate own contracts.

A private label for a renowned and respected Dutch broker. Creating the opportunity to provide services using their own well-established brand name.

A cooperation with BNG Bank resulted in the first solo B2G factoring company in The Netherlands. Mostly to the beneficiary of Dutch SME’s and (local) governments.

Our people

State of the art technology is fine. Artificial intelligence and algorithms are expedient. Automation and standardisation of process are indispensable. But people. People make the difference. Our people in particular.

We celebrate incoming calls rather than hide behind a screen. Our people are dedicated to resolve any issues causing our clients grief. We are profound in treating our clients in just the same way we would like to be treated ourselves.

Although all our services are available online we always grant the possibility of addressing issues in person. Our sales crew will happily visit clients on their premises to provide required assistance.

Tim Zoete

Tim Zoete


Ad Buijs

Ad Buijs


Bente Brok

Bente Brok

Manager operations

Benjamin Westdorp

Benjamin Westdorp


Lucyl de Vaan

Lucyl de Vaan

Manager finance

Our technology

Servicing multiple disciplines we are determined to qualify the true value of invoices.

#Tech 1

Platform algorithm

The platform logarithm we have built, will automatically check every invoice against 120 data points using artificial intelligence. Calculating the probability of timely payment.

#Tech 2

Biometric KYC

We provide a sign-up app for new users including biometric (facial recognition) verification. The process takes less than 15 minutes and is a world’s first!

#Tech 3

Data Extraction

Our business model benefits highly from APIs. Different API sources enrich our risk model. Client experiences also benefits; e.g. via invoice extractions from accounting software.

Our Partners

We are a bank’s trusted partner.
Affiliating in different ways with several banks.


Our offices

We have several offices in Europe so we can assist our clients locally.


Zuidplein 36
1077 XV, Amsterdam, Netherlands




Hambakenwetering 5
5231 DD ’s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands




Königsallee 106
40215, Düsseldorf, Germany